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Sick6six One of those random discoveries that's better than 95% of all the well known bands you listen to. Twisted, hooking, epic riffs with technically brutal drumming, and hate fueled vocals. Slightly death tinged in vein of Marduk, but immediately more addicting than most bands in this style.
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released July 2, 2014



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ABYSSGALE-official Greece


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Track Name: Execution litany
I scratch my veins upon this altar.
No sacrifice so glorious.
Blood speaks to me the words I shall remember.

…Knower of execution,
…giver of raised storms,
…Bring forth thy strength, thy poison
…and I’ll be the shade of all their fears.
…For learning them the pestilent way,
…possessor of the vice form.

Once I have read the spells.
Hated by the Ancient ones.
Commander of the legion.

I am coming closer…
Under your soul.. I exist…
I see myself but you can’t capture the moment.
You are afraid so much…
I can feel it…
And you are unwilling to vouch for the truth
You’re standing amid the labyrinth
and you are crawling again
to reach the source,
but your feet are still covered with blood and clay.
I am he who eternally ascends…
I am the eyes of Abyss.

The power that presides over all growth
and slowly rises from the midst of a desert.
I bring this mud from a far place to your feet,
between life and chaos I walk...
The scent of peace can no longer exist.
In truth, I waited for this moment for many years
You feel the abysmal but you do not know yet
My strength is unbeknownst to you.
Track Name: Hegemon
Monstrous god your harsh voice croaks
and oozing out of the shadows.
Creature that slumber in the depths of the earth and
rise at the certain time
-when the stars are right-
to seize world domination.

You lurk in dark recesses
and thrive on fear,
within a life that grows out of death.
You died again to be reborn
and build the ancient cairn...
Your fetid breath inspires me
hegemon satana.

...Henceforth a desert stands between us
where blossom all my hate's blooms.
Like chaos I’ll live inside you.
To teach you the meaning of darkness . .
Track Name: Anoint Wounds With Poison
The chain of mind around my neck
forbids me to breathe in the pest-chaos inside me.
Protects again this fucking cage where for years is my prison.

I designate my existence among these fucking bounds,
with clarity for what I hate.
I determine my omnipotence.
Swampy rivers cover my feet...
I drink the poison of my wounds...
Eerie feelings...
I am sinking in blood...
Wisdom and hate effused to my realm
My words once spoken a thousand years ago
since then slowly they created a cave
for you to suffer from all that you cannot conceive.
I will always wait for you to swim in mud with me
Hate is my wisdom.
Track Name: Anileo
The dying breath screamed
forth my words...

My existence…

Determined upon in a rumbling voice.
Profound in expression of understanding,

So weird, so cold, like the sense of death.
Anileo… for all this years…
Anileo… my token… my calling.

Just smell my blood.
The scent will lead you
Into the deepest cave.
…And sun shall never reach you.

Within the narrow and blood-drench channel
I unchain the strength and all the virtues of evil.

The faculty of perceiving,
Only exceptional minds could conceive
the places of repellent depths.

Among insanity and reality.
The pitchy eyes once more flashed malevolently,
like the twin caves of abysmal blackness.
Track Name: Altar Thane Of Mental Alienation
I am stuck over the shadows, to every unheeded horror.
Inciting great wrath…
I am instilling illness in my will..
I delve deeper and deeper
Into the bleak of silence…
The plague odour shall guide you
Down in my “ mudness”.
In netherworld chambers of night,
I penetrate...
Searching all caverns…
Having great wrath...
I held the unspeakable rites on the peak…
The slanting sun shall never rise…
Chaos unutterable…

Narrow labyrinths…
A subterranean form
dwells for years inside me
Again at length I feel the end
Mournful mist…
Mental alienation…
I walk through an opaque fog,
imprisoned in a cell of clay.

Black seas and unnameable
agitated senses
of a form which only a diseased mind could conceive.
Secret societies and hidden cults
Amorphous blackness
plunging in a chill void,
when the stir of storm blows stop,
you will see me standing.
Whence the putrid wind came…
And split the poisonous atmosphere
The ghoulish legion of your fate…
Track Name: Hunting Horn
I strongly command and unchain thee spirit,
by him who cursed the world and it was done.
He, who brought death before life.

Moreover, I am spreading storms upon mud-seas.
…I hail the exiled, the beast within the abyss.

Come out…
I curse thee and bind thee in chains of ice and tongues of fire.
I looked down into the end of the world
I saw the beast, and in his right hand was the key
to the bottomless cave.

Upon his head was set a crown of fire.
He is wiser than he was a moment ago…
And back into chaos that he was born,
he will return to build an empire.

You cannot destroy me,
‘cause you can’t know what I am…
Track Name: Ancestral Cult
Judge of judgments…
Decider of decisions…
Your own truth will grow in wisdom.
Precipitous, winding, your breath fills again the abyss.
Vanquisher, vigorous you know the thoughts
of those who are trying to steal from you
the secret wisdom …and now
they are begging you
for your dispensation.
From the depth of the Abyss into
the highest peak of chaos,
I seek the lands to escape
Combatant’s hands created me.
Arcane spirit, I invoke you,
from your darkly-splendid cave…
From your faithless depth, rise up.
Observer of my shadow…
And speak to me beyond lifeless words
You never thought
and taste the blood that falls
Track Name: The Raising Chants For The New Hierarchy
Barren, he who never felt
Like the beast among the sheep..oh! shepherd

Fool, he who never listens to those hearses.
Shrieks of death from the wounded throat.

Blinded, he who never sees through the eyes
of a rapacious entity.

Coward, he who never descended the paths
of a new hierarchy.

You shudder at the mere thought of
What’s to follow,
I see blood drained from your face.
Decease and putrid....
A fearsome region from within erupted,
I am still the sight for him who dares to see

I restore the symbol of life,
my morass cannot be drained.

Abyss discern your true intentions,
Monumental, splendid
descendant demons
and blasphemers at the center of all infinity…

His name, no lips dare to speak.
Accursed, voiceless and
tenebrous, whose soul is inside the crawling chaos

I decipher the pain,
the venerable chaos shallows you…
Aglow the pest.
Determine the new fate.