Tenet Extorris


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7" vinyl
regular , limited version
III damnation productions


released April 16, 2015



all rights reserved


ABYSSGALE-official Greece


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Track Name: 1.Heretic Land
Charred flesh in utter decay
a scent of plague carried in the air
an angel baptised into vorvoros
the fiend shines through him.
Reborn through darkness
his spells will hunt them forever
ΒΛΑΣΦΗΜΙΑ..eternal cursed..
Infernal chants wafts the decease
his name no lips dare to speak
and marks the end of your existence.
He guides the fire,
the hellish power.
The stench comes from within.
..and you will know him by his deeds
..and you will feel him coming
through the poison smoke you will see him
he is the sign of suffering ,
archfiend the disciple.
Tenet Extorris.
Αt the coming of the down
all shall follow him
coronate the monstrous god
and seize worlds domination
Track Name: 2. Blooded Overwhelms
Overflowing muddy river comes to those
who follow the blooded stream ..
bearing apsinthium from the southern catacombs,
Deeply rooted to the bottom.

The fumes of the dead are in the air,
the pestilence already in the blood,
a mankind calamity and a stench dispersed above lands and seas..
blooded overwhelms.
The sleeping God of murk awake to overwhelm ,
he is the firehand of prognosis ,he is the older ,
he is the key.
Strength of thousand daemons summoned
in each drop of murk and blood..
abyss breath above the black waters.

Death stretches out its hand,
A strange song haunts the waters,
2000 fears ago...
..and yet the song mourns more
in a stream of cryptic lore.